Ipsos i-Say offers you the opportunity to win $1000, other valuable cash prizes or cool merchandise. All you do is again filling out online surveys. It’s free to join. This is one of the best free to join paid survey programs online today. (Highly Recommended). Once you’ve joined they do not reqire any more subscriptions or purchases.

They usually have relatively small surveys which means it wont take much of your time either. We have not found many people onine that used their service but based on what we have acquired it is Highle Recommended to give it a try

Rating – 9.8, Top Choice.

# of Companies:

About 300

Money-back Guarantee:


Surveys Payment Range:

$30 – $100

Focus Group Payment Range:

upto $250

Special Bonuses:

Opportunity to win valuable cash prizes or cool merchandise, while making your opinion known

Free gift?:


Subscription Fee:


Click here to go to Ipsos-I-say

Get paid to shop with Swagbucks

An interesting and viable way to supplement your income and have fun doing it. Quotes from www.swagbucks.com, a get paid to shop directory of part time jobs and working from home possibilities.

“Here’s my normal day at work …tell me if this is something you might like to do.

I call my sister or one of my girlfriends to see if they want to go shopping with me. Or, if I have my 3 year old son, I take him along to spend a fun day with mom. My assignment today is to go to Neiman Marcus to buy three things – anything I want – but I have to ask the sales lady to try to find another size for me. That’s part of my assignment .. but heck, I do that all the time anyhow. The sales lady is really helpful and finds my size. I have a wedding to go to in a few weeks, so I really need a nice cocktail dress. I find one I love! Then I pick out a really cute matching pants and shirt set. Okay, great! Done! I go to check out and look at my watch as I get in line, and I look at it again when I am finally checking out… two minutes… not bad, and the service here is fantastic. Everyone is really helpful. I make a mental note of that and I’m done! Okay, one more thing to do before I’m done with my day. I have to stop by the local large chain retail store and check things out. I have $50 to spend … I LOVE FREE STUFF!! I pick out some makeup, tissue, and maybe a tape for my son. Hey, these are things I need anyhow, and someone else is paying for it … DOES IT GET BETTER???

I once again glance at my watch as I get in line and again as I check out. Seven minutes .. a little long, but they were crowded … but then again, they should have opened another cash register. I make another mental note of that, and as I leave, I check out the parking lot for cleanliness. Looks okay, but there are carts everywhere. Someone from the store should have picked those up. Another mental note. Okay, all done at my day of work! I go home, fill out an online form the company gives me, noting all my findings for the day. I email it to the shopping company I work for, and they send me a check for my time and items purchased”

Before you get Started Taking Surveys

Before you get started joining the various Free Paid Surveys and Mystery Shopping incentive based websites that are available, we have put together a list of tips and suggestions that you should consider before starting a home based job or any form of working from home using the internet.

Setup a new email account. Surveys and promotions generate a lot of email. It will benefit you to have a separate account specifically for your survey and promotion traffic.

If you haven’t already, join PayPal. Some companies will send money directly to your PayPal account. This is convenient, easy to access and makes tracking your profits simple.

Add a form filling software package to your computer such as RoboForm. RoboForm makes filling-out the required information easy. It also has a password generator and password storage tool that is the best way to manage all the sites that you will be accessing.

Sites will require you provide personal information to build a profile for their survey database. Unless you are purchasing a product or service, you are best advised not to release any personal information that is specific to your identity such as Social Security number, Driver’s License number, Credit Card numbers etc.
It may take awhile before you’re offered surveys, don’t get discouraged, they will happen.

Firewalls and Spam filters may stop some offers from arriving in your email inbox. If you add the survey sites’ addresses to your allowable email list, you will be assured of receiving survey invitations.
Check out our Suggested Software index for products and services to maximize your internet survey experience.

Get Paid For Taking Online Surveys Legit

Get Paid For Taking Online Surveys Legit
Get Paid For Taking Online Surveys Legit

Welcome You to How To Paid For Surveys. Here you can get paid for taking online surveys legit. This is the best way to earn money from home without any investment. Not only these paid online surveys are fun to do but also you can learn a lot from them about new products. Your opinion can help in improvement of a new product.

How to get paid for taking online surveys:

Step1. Join Free – For making extra money, join with as many paid survey companies as possible. Be innocent, don’t provide wrong information.

Step2. Take Surveys- Survey companies will email you invitations for new surveys. If you have no time to complete all surveys, you can choose best that seems more beneficial.

Step3. Get Paid To Take Surveys – When you take the surveys, company will show you survey price.

How to make money from online surveys is a question that has been asked a lot. In this short guide, I’m going to answer the most common questions that I’ve been asked in regards to making money from online surveys.

Lots individuals you are looking to earn some extra money right from home by taking paid online surveys for money, right? However, with soooo many different websites talking about paid online surveys or what not, it is very hard to tell the scams from the legit paying websites. A good rule of thumb is, if ANY survy site asks you for money or your credit card information or promises $100 per survey, then 10/10 it simply is a SCAM. Online survey websites reviewed here we consider to be the very best of the best, and are completely legitimate, and we have personally been paid several times all of them but do pay better than others. Every single site listed here is completely 100% FREE TO sign up for and DOES NOT ask for your credit card info. So actually, what do you have to lose?

Speaking from our personal experience, the more legitimate websites you join to make money, the more greater your chances will be to receive high paying surveys. Again, websites that promise you $100 each & every survey are simply lying, However it doesn’t mean that these kind of surveys do not exist. For the best chance at taking those very high paying surveys we suggest signing up to many websites so you can start receiving surveys as many surveys as possible.

Top 5 100% Legitimate Paid Survey Sites In 2017

Ipsos i-SayJoin Now!
Ipsos i-Say is a survey site only which sends you QUALITY targeted free paid surveys nearly every day. It’s one of the larger survey panels and best survey sites online! If you want to get paid to take surveys online, then this is where it’s at! You may be asked to try new foods, beverages, or products which will be compensated for. You will be paid fairly for your opinions. Minimum payout is $10 for gift cards and $15 for cash. You must be at least 14 years of age to signup at this time. Ipsos i-Say is open to the United States Of America and many other international countries.

VIP Voice PanelJoin Now!
VIPVoicePanel is one of the older survey panels. They generally have much higher rewards than other survey panels. Also as a bonus, you can earn entries to the various cash and prize drawings they hold each month. After signing up, you absolutely must confirm your email to receive your automatic sweepstake entry for the special $1,000.00 registration sweepstakes that they hold for new members. You will be rewarded fairly for your opinions, and won’t be getting any long surveys with low rewards. There is no minimum cashout and you will be rewarded with cash, prizes, contest entries, and/or sweepstake entries. You must reside in the United States or Canada and be at least 13 years old to join.

Harris Poll OnlineJoin Now!
Harris Poll Online is one of the oldest survey panels founded in 1945. They usually have high prizes for their surveys. Payout is 100 points (equal to $10) and is processed by Amazon gift cards, Wal-mart gift cards, Home Depot gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Restaurant gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, other merchandise, or even donations to charity. Other cashout options may be available now as well. Teens who are at least 13 years of age and have the consent of their parents are allowed to signup at this time. HarrisPollOnline is open to the United States Of America and Canada.

MySurveyJoin Now!
MySurvey is a fairly large and trusted survey panel which has been around for quite some time. In case you are worried, your mind can be put at ease because MySurvey is an accredited business by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). You will receive paid surveys frequently as well as have the opportunity to test products at home such as food or beverages. You may also receive magazine surveys. Payout is 1100 points (equal to $10) and is processed by PayPal, Amazon.com gift cards, and many other options. Teenagers who are at least 14 years old and have their parents consent are welcome to signup at this time. My Survey is open to USA and Canada as well as many other international countries.

FusionCashJoin Now!
FusionCash has a BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating of A+ and for good reason. The company opened in June 2005 and has paid over $2 million, yes that’s right, more than $2 million out to it’s members. They have proven time after time to be one of the most profitable GPT sites out there and they even give you a FREE $5.00 just to signup! FusionCash has high daily paid surveys, paid emails, ptc (paid to click), and many other high value free and trial offers. The amount you can potentially earn here is endless! You can also be paid $3 monthly just to participate in their very active & helpful forum. You choose how you want to be paid either by paypal, check, or direct deposit straight into your bank account! To receive your free $5.00 signup bonus you must confirm your email which may be in your spam folder. Unfortunately, only USA and Canada residents are allowed to register at this time.

Still a skeptic?? I was too when I first heard about taking paid surveys online, but I’m telling you right now, don’t be!!
Here’s my lifetime (2010-present) up-to-date earnings straight from FusionCash (which can not be altered or faked).